How to clean your jewelry easily with household products.


Here are some quick and easy tips to clean your jewelry and keep it more cared for, shinier and without scratches or scratches.


  • Mix of water and neutral soap: You can use a mixture of water and neutral soap to soak your jewelry for a few minutes or brush it with a soft bristle brush. Then rinse and dry your jewelry well. (Use warm water, very hot water can damage stones or other pieces that make up your jewelry).
  • Cleaning jewelry with aluminum foil only: This option is as simple as, save your jewelry with aluminum pieces so that it attracts the possible.
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  • Cleaning jewelry with baking soda and vinegar : Prepare a mixture with a small spoonful of baking soda and half a small glass of vinegar. You can soak a cotton cloth or submerge the piece in the mixture for a few minutes, do not do the latter if your piece has blackened parts, pearls and / or pieces other than metal by design. Then wash with water and neutral soap and dry carefully. (Vinegar is acetic acid and bicarbonate is a base with which they react when mixed and release vapors so when you use this mixture do it in a ventilated place and do not use large quantities) .
  • Cleaning jewelry with baking soda, water, and aluminum foil : Use kitchen aluminum foil as a base and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Add hot water and create the mixture. You can dip the pieces in it for a few minutes or use a soft bristle brush to gently rub the piece (it can be a toothbrush). Finally, rinse with water and dry the piece well.


  • Dry your jewelry very well before putting them away.
  • Always store your jewelry in a dry place to avoid moisture that oxidizes them.
  • You can add in your jewelry box some piece of aluminum to attract dirt.
  • Keep each jewel separately, this way you avoid scratches and scratches.
  • Avoid handling chemicals with your jewelry s on, you can wear gloves.
  • Sea water, pool chlorine, sweat when we do sports they dirty your pieces. I don't usually take them off when I surf or swim in the sea, but I do brush them with soap in the shower so that they don't accumulate excessively, or I use pieces with black patina (oxidized silver) that have a black color and a matte look, like that. form the saltpeter reinforces that color.
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When you buy one of my jewels I send you a cleaning cloth that helps you keep your piece clean just by rubbing it gently and helps you to shine your jewel so that it looks more beautiful. You can also use it after cleaning with soap and water to make it shine and it will last much longer.

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