Surfing and yoga to heal dystonia

Surfing and yoga as therapy for torsional dystonia.

Carol Ruiz is a brave woman diagnosed with torsional dystonia, after a prolonged episode of stress and anxiety. From that moment when he lost mobility, his life changed to the point of starting to do yoga and surfing without knowing that together with emotional therapy and conventional medicine he would be able to regain all the mobility he had lost.

Begin to practice yoga and surf with pain.

After the onset of the disease in 2015 that leaves her literally bent in half and in tremendous chronic pain, Carol begins meditating in order to cope with the heavy blow. When she manages to have a regular meditation practice, she begins adapted yoga practice and later was able to join a conventional yoga class despite still being dystonia and completely twisted.

Surfin in Siargao

Surfing is also something that appears in his life with the disease and he begins to surf with a fully bent torso and neck with the difficulty that this entails in addition to the pain.

“I saw people surfing and I was encouraged because the daughter of my acupuncturist offered to give me a surf lesson on the beach of San Juan, and the moment I entered the sea and started to row I felt very close, I connected with the sea. "

Begin the healing

Carol spends many months regularly practicing meditation on everything, assiduous yoga and surfing. more occasionally, while combining natural therapy, acupuncture, bioneuroemotional treatment and traditional medicine and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation. This combination leads to treating the personal situation of anxiety and stress caused by a job that has to be abandoned and to start looking for what you want to be, what you want to do and how to accept.

"The disease brought me liberation, connection with myself, with the environment and with nature and that is healing"

Yoga in india

The process was as healing as Carol suddenly woke up one day more upright. , without that crooked neck and torso. He thought that sooner or later it would go wrong again, but no. To this day Carol is still straight despite the fact that the prognosis for dystonia is that it is a degenerative disease that is growing.

" stay with the diagnosis but not with the prognosis, because they told me that I would never be cured. " This is the phrase that I keep from Carol to frame.

A surf trip to Bali and Siargao changes life

Perhaps the most amazing experience for a surf lover is to take a tourist surf trip to Bali and then live more than a year in Siargao like Carol did. A trip to the island of surfing that would allow you to surf every day without much more worries.

Carol en Bali

Taking "a sabbatical year" can also be therapeutic and when you do not stop in a situation of prolonged stress, your body ends up stopping you. In Siargao during this time of calm he ends up finding a beautiful idea that together with the pandemic, makes him return to the Peninsula to create his project of therapeutic "Coaching" that is already helping people who need to heal and live better.

His MACRAMÉ method is explained and defined on his website where you can also see his video telling his experience

If you want to know more about this interview visit the IGTV LIVE in which we were talking about all this.

Namasté, let the waves be with you and if you want to read more beautiful things about surfing, yoga and life, follow me.

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