Silver Shaper jewelry and surf for brave women social innovation project


Silver Shaper faces a new stage in which the collaboration with other projects and female surfers, as well as the implementation of improvements in communication and in the sustainability of the brand, start this new stage with great desire to work for real women and brave , for non-exclusive surfing, for the love of the sea and for a collection of jewels with a wave soul for brave women who find freedom in the sea.


In the last two months, brand rebranding has focused on aligning the goals of the person and the brand much more (Raque and Silver Shaper) I have always dreamed of linking my project to surfing, caring for the sea, women, nature, feminism and non-exclusive surfing, that is why I have worked during this pandemic to generate synergies with projects like Mariolas, a community of surfer women, Silver Shaper ambassadors or a collaboration with Play and Train that will see the light of day in 2021. It's not just about having a jewelery brand, which I am passionate about doing, when I'm in the workshop I really enjoy. I am a very simple woman, I have done many things but now my life is and I want it to be, my Mediterranean, my workshop, Miniyo who is my little surfer, my dogs, the love of my life, my friends and family, the jewels that design and surfing. Life has been simplified for me and I love the idea of having a stress-free life, but I also want to contribute as much as possible with projects that I like.


The most important collaboration is with PLAY & TRAIN, a social organization dedicated to adapted sports, to which I donate 10% of the total sales from my store. I also design jewelry pieces for them that will be released in May 2021.

Among other things Silver Shaper has recently collaborated with Mariolas, a community of women who surf in the realization of the First Women and Surf Day.

Sirena surfera colgante diseñado en honor a Black Girl surf

A 20-piece collaboration for Black Girls Surf, Rhonda Harper's project focused on bringing surfing to black girls up to the age of 17 in the US, Jamaica and some African countries.

Collaboration with Retropot. With the intention of being sustainable, I have made the decision to use cups made by RETROPOT as packaging for my jewelry and this idea arises from several reasons:

  • Make a cool packaging.
  • Convey the messages of the Silver Shaper philosophy.
  • Why is another national entrepreneur RETROPOT supported?
  • Because the cups are made by hand, reusable, ecological, heat resistant, ideal for camping here or to have your coffee or infu.

Tazas metálicas para viajes surferos el embalaje de las joyas del silver ShaperAsas de las jarras metálicas enamel by retropot que sirven de embalaje de las joyas de Silver Shaper

"These mugs that we deliver with our jewels are an invitation to a surfer, jacket, marine adventure, the adventure that takes us to nature, whether in the mountains or at sea."

You can buy some of my jewels here ...

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