Laura Revuelta, pioneer of surfing

Spain's first surfer, Laura Revuelta.

Laura Revuelta is the pioneer woman of surfing here, that makes her one of our surfing heroines, so I decided to create this classic version of surf illustration for her in a ring.

He started surfing in those days when we still did not have renowned surfers, most of the boards that appeared around the peninsula were from foreigners. It began on the beaches of Somo and Loredo, today a place with a fundamental role in Cantabrian surfing in part due to surfers like Laura, who was not only a precursor of surfing as a sport and a way of life, but also generating industry by opening one of the first stores: Xpeedin Surfshop and the Cantabrian Surf School.

Laura Revuelta la pionera del surf en España

When I decided to make her a personal ring, it was clear to me that it was a tribute to pioneer surfer women. that have opened doors for us and marked a way forward. Undoubtedly the pioneer par excellence of our country is Laura Revuelta, the first female surfer in Spain . What I could never have imagined is that Laura would carry my piece in her hands. Sometimes it is a matter of being brave and a few days ago I said to myself, What if I make him see what he thinks? ... the simplicity of this woman continues to surprise me ... and make me fall in love.

There is no photo of the ring although Laura sent me a picture of her hands arranging her plants with my ring on, I know she has it and I respect her privacy. Sometimes life asks us to be prudent and humble.

Thank you very much, Laura from the bottom of my heart.

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