Silver Shaper Ambassador: Yumey, longboarder for the national surf team.


After creating my piece Longboard Girl Thinking of her, I had to invite Yumey to participate in the pieces for longboard lovers as an ambassador for these jewels that she and other surfers like her inspire me.

Yumey González surfeando en su longboard. Fotografía de Hangten Magazine Photo by @hangtenmagazine


Yumey Gonzalez She is currently a member of the national Longboard team, graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Master in innovation and research in physical activity. He teaches in different sports disciplines, including the surf and is studying to be a physical education teacher . In addition to all that, she is a brave woman, passionate about the sea, camping and nature and for that admiration that I have for her is my first "Silverita" , that is, my ambassador, an inspiration to Silver Shaper . I fell in love with her way of surfing when I could see her in Quasimoto Burrifornia and days later the piece left my hands Longboard girl .

As what I like is the classic roll I usually find myself Yumey together with the troop longboarder astur in events, but it has not been until now with the pandemic, that I have been able to speak with her to learn a little more about her. You know, at festivals there is a lot of trouble and deep down you are working with almost no time to get your feet wet. As the talk had to be virtual, I still have a bath with her pending, even if I stay in the foams, hehehe.

Yumey González rider de la selección española de Longboard. Foto de Miki Astorga

Photo @mikiastorga


Yumey started surfing 5 years ago , he tells me, "... At that time he lived in León because he was studying Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. On weekends I came home and accompanied my partner to surf, Miki (Miki Astorga, surfer, filmmaker and photographer). I would stay on the shore taking photos, until one day I was encouraged and decided to accompany him. It's true, that at first I did it very rarely, when the sea was "perfect" and the weather was good, let's say I was a bit lazy, and it was hard for me to cheer myself up. It needed that there were few people and the waves were small. As time went by and based on entering and not giving up, I became hooked and enjoying more and more. Anywhere I was worth to get closer to the sea and try to evolve. "

I feel completely identified right now with those fears of a beginner of surfing, you always expect to see few people in the water but that there is someone just in case, small waves and break with laziness.

Yumey González compitiendo en Ferrolog. Foto de Miki Astorga

Photo by @Mikiastorga


I find it strange that younger people decide to longboard, considering that most of them are looking for a more aggressive and fast surfing with big waves and short boards, but I love to see when you go to festivals that there is a quarry of classic surfing. " Actually Yumey tells me, I decided on the longboard from minute one that I started surfing. Miki surfed with classic boards, especially longboards. So my first stands were on a plank. I like the relaxed surf that these types of boards allow you to just let yourself flow and slide. "

AND In terms of sporting goals, living off surfing is complicated and even more so as a woman, so much so that Yumey doesn't even consider longboarding as a goal, tell me about it "If true that I compete in all the championships that I can because I consider that it is a good way to evolve and improve. This year has been a bit atypical due to Covid and competitions and festivals have been seriously affected. I have been able to participate in the Spanish Championship in which I finished second. Also, participate in the Asturian Circuit, finishing second and third in its two tests. I am the only girl in longboarding, so I encourage all girls to participate. My goal on the longboard is none other than to give a bit of visibility, to see that the girls also surf and have fun.

Yumey González rider de la selección. Foto de Sidrísima

Photo by @sidrisima

The ideal day to day for Yumey, the one she would like, the one she carries in her surfer soul, she tells me, "It would be l evacuate early in the motorhome on the beach, go see the sea, change quickly and go surfing, rest a little, eat something and go back to the sea to see if another bath can be repeated ... it is not my day to day, although I would like to, but if the day I enjoy the most. The usual thing is to get up, go to work and look at the forecasts ( wave forecasts ) to see if I can take a bath before dark.


To say good-bye We talked about how difficult it is to live in any sport other than football in this country and that is that, despite being in the national team, the competitions are practically symbolic prizes and Yumey receives support (we could call it sponsorship) from small entrepreneurs or Shapers like Banger Surfboards , Loser Surfer with their beautiful t-shirts, Boltfins with screws and a quasi-motor acquaintance and friend Caesar Czrfins with the keels. With the desire to continue in these uncertain times, we say goodbye to "Keep growing, keep evolving, keep surfing, keep traveling and above all keep enjoying it because I want that" Yumey González.

Girls surf too. Yumey. desde Miki Astorga on Vimeo .

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