Silver Shaper surf jewelry at Surf Channel's Surfees

Silver Shaper on Surf Channel's Surfestones

Silve r Shaper presents our unique jewelry brand with a wave soul and future collaboration projects with Play & Train that will be presented throughout this summer in the "Surfers" program.

Surfera welcomes us in its family.

The truth is that it is a luxury to be able to go on a program as cool as Surfers and share the bill with the best surfers in the country, an honor that you cannot imagine even in the best of your dreams.

In the program I teach my workshop, I talk about my surfing and I even go for a walk with my paddle board and my two dogs. I show the entire process that I follow when I design, how I make my jewelry in a totally handmade way.

I also talk about my collaboration with Retropot with the handmade cups that I use to pack and in which I send my jewelry so that you also have a reusable jar and it does not go to the trash.

My workshop is my refuge, one of the places where I enjoy the most, where I dream the most and where I find the most surf in my life.

(For those who do not have much time, we are from minute 17)

The next release "Adaptative Collection"

Adaptative is a collection made from love and the utmost respect for the effort and passion that adaptive surfers put into practice. and the monitors who work with them.

I have always dreamed of helping, since I was little and the idea for this collection came from when I started surfing, I wanted to do things with people with functional diversity. Being his monitor, creating adapted tables, whatever, until jewelry came into my life and after that I couldn't stop creating.

For a year I have been working on this idea of how to participate helping to grow adapted surfing and looking for the way and with whom to participate to raise funds that are used in adapted surf programs.

play and train surf adaptado

By chance met Play & Train at the Adapted Surf Days and this is where this small collaborative journey began in which the benefit from the Adaptative collection will be donated entirely to Play & Train in addition to the donation of a number of pieces per model.

tabla adaptada surf plata adaptative collection silver shapertabla surf adaptada adpatative collection silver shaper

Adapted surfboard from the Adaptative collection designed by Silver Shaper

This project starts this summer, in the coming weeks and with the prospect of growing, taking further the collaboration in which Silver Shaper and Play & Train are creating to make Adapted Surfing grow.

What do you think of this idea? Tell me if you can think of beautiful things that can help to make adapted surfing grow because we are all surfers.

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