Surf mama the adventure of a mother to be able to surf


Wilma Johnson wrote Surf Mom: One Woman's Search for Live, Happiness and the Perfect Wave to tell how she decided to leave part of her life behind to find happiness through surfing.


Wilma is an artist and writer born in London in 1960. She studied painting at St Martin's College of Art, where she also set up a group with two friends to perform neonaturist performances with whom she performed during the 1980s in places as diverse as the Spanish Anarchist Center, Heaven and the Royal Opera House, and also exhibited paintings inspired by hitchhiking through Iceland, Lapland, and the Scottish Highlands.

Wilma Johnson artista escritora de Surf Mama

After a trip to Mexico that lasted for a year, painting and acting, he returned to the United Kingdom to end up in a fishing village in Ireland, where she raised her three children and immersed herself in the role of mother for ten years.


Without doing much spoiler being in Ireland he had the revelation that he wanted to become a surfer. The family moved to Biarritz where they separated from her husband. I would start by trading a frame for a surfboard and end up riding the Mamas Surf Club for women who felt they had spent too much time watching the action from the beach , with the motto Out of the Kitchen and Into the Surf.

Wilma Johnson con su tabla de surf

Surf Mama was published in 2014 But how everything related to surfing in my life has come to me now. It is a fantastic and fresh book with which you will empathize if you feel that you always live surfing "from the shore" and you want to get on a board .

Portada del libro Surf Mama de Wilma Johnson

Wilma is the complete opposite of what we imagine as a surfer woman Or rather, it is the opposite of the permanent image of a hyper-sexualized and very young surfer that is widespread in the media and advertising of surf brands. Pre precisely Wilma is a pioneer in what many of us are trying to banish based on these stereotypes and find our space at the peak, even with our daughters and sons.

Wilma Johnson en la playa

But Wilma is not only a naturist artist and surfer writer . You have on your website a huge collection of colorful, beautiful and feminist graphic works of this wonderful and versatile Surf Mama

The downside is that at the moment it is in English and French but it is a delightful book

What do you think, did you know this beautiful surfer mom? Tell me and if you know interesting Women with Alma de Ola like her, tell me things.

If you want to continue reading more interesting things for surfer women, you have more in the Blog .

May the waves be with you ...

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