Empowering experiences for women through surfing and yoga


Malama Surf Experience is a project that offers empowerment experiences for women through many activities in which surfing first and then yoga are the central axis to inspire all participants. For this summer they have 3 experiences that start this June.

Mimi, mommy, surfer and woman with a wave soul

The Woman with Soul of Ola in front of this project is Mimi, mom, surfer, IT consultant - Program Manager and world citizen. Born in Seville, she has lived between England and the United States for 13 years. Her biggest inspiration is her 9-year-old son with whom she surfs, snowboard, skateboard and a thousand other things. Mimi is the creator of MALAMA Surf Experience, his personal project thought about female empowerment through surfing, yoga, personal knowledge, ecology and many other activities aimed at the woman's relationship with herself, with the tribe of women and with nature.

mimi creadora de malama surfing con su tabla de surf

Creating a surfing community with women at the center

Malama's experiences began as only for women Yes, Mimi felt that there was a need for experiences for women, that is why Malama surfing has women as its center, but as Mimi says " I am a mother and I felt the need to be able to do these experiences with my son, that is why we have experiences of mom + boys or girls, mom + whole family or woman + man , because you may want to live this experience with a partner, friend, brother, etc. "

yoga en malama surf experiencela  comida en las experiencias de malama sana y natural

Something that puts in value is that the experience creates a community and usually ends up sharing phone, contact, offering help and that is, Mimi tells us: " It is something very nice because we realize that a community of women is being created, after the experience we call each other, we help each other and we support each other. Some of our collaborators have even come out of some experience that has served to get to know us " .
In addition to physical activity, afterwards they have moments of internalization and sharing emotion and feeling.


"MALAMA is a Hawaiian goddess who has to do with the ocean, with the environment, she is a goddess who was a good surfer and in addition to surfing, she was a person with values and with a great sense of family care." For this reason there is no better name for this project that exudes love and sisterhood towards women, which carries intrinsic values and surfing tradition in its DNA. Because we are all surfers, it doesn't matter where you come from, when you enter the water you connect and that makes you good, that heals, that gives you powers. As Mimi says that a few years ago she did a surf camp for women in Brazil "Women can, can challenge themselves, can heal, be calm, I want women to know that they can know that they can do whatever they want and these are the values of Malama, Empowerment, perseverance and resilience and that is why I wanted to create Malama to apply all this with surfing "

surfeando mujeres con malama surf experience

In short, if you go to a Malama experience, you can surf, do yoga, eat well and healthy, connect with other women who love the sea, who want to meet other women, who respect other colleagues who may be mothers, housewives, Entrepreneurs, directives, any woman who wants to experiment, sea, calm, tribe and family will have a good time in a moment Malama.

Looking forward to attending an event with Miniyo and my partner.

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