Surfing functional diversity with adapted Yoga


Yoga for people with functional diversity as well as adapted surfing improve people's quality of life. In addition, Yoga and Surf are the perfect complement for a physical, metal, emotional and cognitive development and we have discussed this topic in depth with Raphaela Fischer in Mujeres Con Alma De Ola.


Raphaela She is a Teacher of Hatha Yoga, Anusara, Mindfulness for adults, seniors and children, Teacher of therapeutic yoga for people with functional diversity , Founder of the Petits Yogis School dedicated to future teachers of Yoga and Mindfulness for children, Mother and animalist at the head of the protective BiGatos.

Raphaela Fischer haciendo asanas de yoga

His passion for Yoga and for life is his greatest tool to connect with animals and with human beings. And this gives him a special innate talent to carry out his work where unconditional love is above and is essential to connect with his students.


Yoga can reach each person regardless of their ability to improve their life . As Raphaela explains It is a connection with the body to be able to go inside, towards the heart, to be able to align the body so that the journey to the heart is as authentic as possible.

In order to do this type of therapeutic Yoga, Raphaela uses all her tools. He did a specific training in adapted Yoga with the prestigious Jo Manuel , but he also uses the therapeutic part of Anusara, obviously he uses basic yoga or Hatha and uses the playful part that working with children gives him because we must not forget that a large part of these users are minors and need This playful part, although the playful part is good for all of us because it is necessary and essential for us to connect with our inner child.

Raphaela Fischer en África dando una clase de yoga niños


To be an adapted Yoga Teacher you have to know how to use your tools, many people will use music, singing, dance, theater, stories, but it will always always be very good to have continuous yoga training, the ability to have other tools emotional, artistic or creative and most importantly: KNOW HOW TO CREATE A LINK.


" The bond is very easy to create, the bond is love, unconditional love, a love that observes and listens to the needs of each person. A person with cerebral palsy needs me to be touching him to feel me and another person simply needs me to be still there for when he needs it.

"It is a bond without attachment, unconditional love but not feeling sorry because these people are stars and their families are heroes and heroines from whom to learn that they say such beautiful things, they are unique things ,,, every time I am with them, with them not the families, it is something unforgettable ”.


In her relationship with the families, Raphaela places great emphasis on respect and e l DO NOT JUDGE . " I do not work with the family because of my principle of not judging, we all already do the best that we know as parents and putting ourselves in the shoes of a person with functional diversity is impossible for which I do not judge. I like to listen to them because I understand their difficulty, it is a challenge and I like them to vent because the concern that it will be their children when they are older is enormous As I say a challenge and they are great heroes, I am not an expert therapist but I can accompany them to the best of my ability and from love. "

Raphaela en una sesión de yoga adaptado

To end Raphaela emphasizes that yoga is how surfing is flow and that this is the way she conducts her Adaptive Yoga classes , letting himself be carried away with the waves and flowing with his student and his wave.

You can see our entire conversation in this link of the IGTV LIVE

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Soon we will do a special with Raphaela on yoga ASANAS to improve our Surf , do not miss it and here you can continue reading more interesting things for Women With Soul of Ola

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