Personalized gift with a dolphin jewel

Personalized ring a gift for a dolphin lover.

How had it not occurred to me before? It's really cool when I get custom jewelry orders because I feel like I can make someone happy with something made with my hands.

A few months ago a friend whom I have not seen for a long time asked me for a set of pendant and ring for his partner: She loves dolphins, she told me, and I began to think about it, I thought about doing something very like that, then I thought in something very which, but in the end I have opted for a simpler design thinking that they are jewels to wear every day. The silver open ring that ends in the shape of a dolphin tail, the pendant is the small dolphin and some mini dolphin earrings to close the game.

anillo de delfín abierto en plata de ley hecho a mano y diseñado por Silver Shaper

I love that they leave me this creative freedom, what do you think of the result?

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