broche hecho a mano con un pequeño duende surfer sobre una tabla.
broche hecho a mano con un pequeño duende surfer sobre una tabla.
broche hecho a mano con un pequeño duende surfer sobre una tabla.

Wave World brooch.

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The day I started creating this piece, I didn't think I'd be working on it for a couple of months. I would leave it, take it, put it back ... Hours of sandpaper, many broken saw hairs and cuts on the fingers learning to open the waves of this raging world, learning to dream of becoming a shaper and in good company with "Samay "an exciting and profound song by Trevor Hall. Those were days of reading about Hillbillys in J.D. Vance's Rural Elegy, alternating that harsh world with John Krakauer's Wild Roads adventure.

Trasera de broche de autor Wave World con la figura de un surfista en el tubo, realizada en latón con color turquesa de forma artesanal por Silver Shaper

This is a piece of a surfer on a huge wave with volume made to wear as a brooch, in brass and treated to give it the greenish-blue color that evokes the waves and sea water .

It is a unique piece, made for many hours over a few weeks and because of the special nature of its creation and how much I liked it, it has inspired me with simpler versions like the one silver plated pendant or belt buckle available in the shop.

Silver Shaper


The pieces I design are inspired by the sea, most are personal and unique designs, but there are also some inspired by some iconic surfing images . From the design to the finished piece, the process has been done by hand. My jewels are designed to last and to be worn worn all the time.


We try not to use plastics in our packaging, to reduce all our waste as much as possible and to recycle metal, as well as other materials used.


The shipment is made as soon as we have the finished piece and it usually takes between 48/72 hours in the peninsula, from the moment we confirm the shipment. Shipping costs are € 6 to € 60 of purchase (from this amount no shipping costs are charged). This amount appears at the end of the purchase, in the process final payment.

For any problem that may arise with your piece, do not hesitate to contact me at or the rest of the channels, Instagram or Facebook.